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Linzember—Fundraiser for Lindsay Maynard

Lindsay and “Scuby”
Three months ago, I talked with Lindsay Maynard, a Philadelphia-based airline captain, on the phone for the first time. Prior to this, I had been reading her Facebook posts about her battle with Superior Mesenteric Artery syndrome (SMA), a condition that affects the GI system and has a one in three mortality rate. The statistics were alarming—Lindsay should never had made it to the one-year anniversary with the disease. There was one post in particular that grabbed my attention, where, due to several muscle loss in her legs, she had fallen down a flight of stairs and injured her shoulder. For whatever reason, it wasn’t until reading about the latest setback that I felt determined to help. She just can’t catch a break, I thought to myself. 

I was hesitant to call at first, fearing that she wasn’t going to take me seriously or wouldn’t trust me. I was afraid she would give me a sob story and a laundry list of all the things that were going wrong in her life. I barely knew her, and I wasn’t prepared to be her confidant. Three minutes into the conversation, my entire perception of Lindsay—friends call her “Linz”— changed. Her tone and inflection was positive. Instead of being a downer, she was the most enthusiastic person I'd talked with in a long time. Linz was happier and more fun to talk to than most pilots that I fly with who have nothing wrong with them. How in the world can she be so excited? How can she have such a cheery attitude? Instead of talking about health issues, she went on about how great it was that she was healthy enough to get back into scuba diving. And boy, was she ever higher than a kite. I forgot what I was calling about. Her positive, no-fear attitude and awesomeness is why I decided to help her out. 

But, that’s Linz. Never once has she been negative. That’s what a person with a great attitude has, and that’s optimism. Even in the worst of circumstances, she didn’t let her condition plunge her into depression. 

Before our conversation, I assumed that someone, or maybe sponsors or a close family member, was already helping her with medical costs. What if that’s not the case? What do I have that could possibly help her out? Then the thought hit me smack in the face: Get Lindsay’s story out. Why not include Lindsay in my own story? Right then I made the choice to base two major characters after her and husband Rob in my debut novel. I portrayed hers as a rough-and-tumble helicopter pilot who makes split-second decisions to save her and her crew. Her epic scenes are a metaphor of her battle with her life-altering disease...and she’s winning. Linz is a survivor. She beat the odds and is coming back in a big way. Linz has already completed observation flights and will attend ground school this month. So, let’s welcome her back with open arms and open hearts.

I’m announcing that for the entire month of December, all book—paperback and eBook versions of Kingdom of Rage and Raw Vengeance—proceeds will go to helping Lindsay Maynard get back into her passion of flying and out of enormous debt.

The goal is to reach $1,000 by the end of the year. This may seem like a meager amount, but when confronted with medical bills that will take years to pay off, every cent counts. What will it take to reach the goal? Assuming only eBooks are sold, it would take almost 300 copies of Kingdom of Rageat $4.99 each. This is very possible. What needs to happen is to spread the word and to tell others about the goal.  Share this with your friends on Facebook. Get other crews involved. Several months ago, we raised a significant amount for Lindsay, money that she was able to use to obtain her long sought-after FAA medical.

We need to show her that fellow crew members, family, and friends have her back. This is about morale and unity. Here’s your chance to contribute and get something tangible in return.Do what you can to help Linz out. Even if it’s $5, if two thousand people donate, that's ten thousand. As I said, it all adds up, no matter how small the amount it.  Thanks, and happy holidays. 

Lindsay and Rob Maynard
What people are saying about the book, Kingdom of Rage:

“This book kept me hanging the whole time. The details are incredible. There are lots of surprises and I can not wait for Josh's next book.”

I just finished your book and all I can say is damn that was good. I am really impressed and am anxiously awaiting next weeks release of your next book!! ;). No seriously kept me hanging like a Clancy book does. Definitely better than a Flynn novel. Your details are amazing. The storyline wouldn't let me put it down (even though people kept trying to talk to me while I was reading it. Again fantastic job!!!”
                                                                                 —Capt. Paul Warren

Here’s how you can contribute:

If you have an eReader (Kindle, or Kindle app on smartphone or computer):

Two ways to buy a paperback copy.This is the best option for a paperback version since the royalty is higher.

Or, you may purchase on Amazon, but the royalty is less. 

Smashwords has more formats such as ePub and Mobi.

And of course, Raw Vengeance is available on Amazon as an eBook.

If you want to contribute directly to Lindsay, her PayPal account:

Thanks to all those that contribute to allow Lindsay to breath a little easier this holiday season. 

Josh Handrich, Pilot and Author,

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