Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My next novel: Kingdom of Rage

It's been a while since I've updated this blog so I thought it'd be a good time to introduce you to my next novel, Kingdom of Rage. I'm about 90K words in and am shooting for 120K, which translates into 400 pages and should be done my mid-March. Title-wise, I went through dozens but I wanted a name based on the planned "Day of Rage" that took place in Saudi Arabia and was arranged though Facebook. The protests eventually fizzled after the Saudi government sent the military in with tanks. I would have used the name in quotations but several other books have variations of the name. My first choice was The Kingdom, but Clive Cussler beat me to it (bastard!). I wanted a name where readers instantly knew what the book's genre was just by reading the title. Local Saudis refer to the area as "the kingdom".

To put the title in context, the book is set in March 2011 during the height of the Arab Spring. Kingdom takes scenes from places like Tunisia and Egypt. The full-length novel is inspired by actual people and events.

I explore the hypothetical scenario of sending in war correspondent (used to be a reporter) Rich Fordham into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to interview the oil minister to get his take on why oil prices are so high and what their long-term outlook is on the supply. Heavily armed security specialists (think Blackwater) serve as their security and transportation. During the drive to the meeting, their convoy is ambushed by jihadists loyal to Osama Bin Laden and is when all hell breaks loose.

I'd also like to get your opinion on the cover, seen below. What you see was created in less than an hour and is a very rough idea of what I'm striving for design-wise. It needs to be vivid, simple, and have the instant "Oh, that must be a thriller" kind of initial reaction. I'll consider hiring a professional but that gets pricy.

Here's to getting this story done in the next month!   ~Josh

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